Certified or Lateral Transfer Membership

Experienced officers can skip the test, leverage expertise, and make a bigger impact. 

Connect with non-Civil Service agencies searching for highly qualified Certified and Lateral Transfer Officers like you! 

Six-Month getbadged CO/LT Membership Unlocks:

  • Endless Opportunities: Apply to unlimited open positions with agencies seeking your skills.

  • Immediate Application Upon Membership Purchase: Start applying to your preferred positions right away upon purchasing your membership.

  • Effortless Applications: Showcase your expertise with a one-time application and personalized dashboard.

  • Advanced Applicant Tracking: Stay informed about your application status with real-time updates and advancements made by the hiring department, ensuring transparency every step of the way.

  • No Exam Requirement: Skip the entry exam and jump-start your job search.

  • Be a Badge Magnet: The tables are turned! With getbadged's unique Badge Request feature, you can receive unlimited Badge Requests from departments actively pursuing you for their positions based on your qualifications. Get ready to get-badged! 

  • Seamless Transition: Track your applications and manage your career path with ease.

Qualify Quickly for Your Next Opportunity. Requirements for Certified & Lateral Transfer Officers:

  • Hold a valid FT POST Certification and upload proof to your profile.

  • Lateral Transfers: Be POST Certified, in good standing with NDI, and have 2+ years of experience.


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