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Hire with confidence, recruit with ease! getbadged delivers pre-vetted officers & streamlined hiring.

  • Save time & money: getbadbged alleviates the burdens of pre-screening, reducing your administrative costs & allowing you to focus on what matters most.

  • Maximize qualified candidates: Attract a wider pool of diverse, pre-vetted individuals.

  • Pre-vetted talent: Entry-level applicants have passed the getbadged Entry Exam (70% or above), & meet eligibility requirements.

  • Agency-specific match: Fulfills your department's unique criteria.

  • Deeper insights, faster decisions: Valuable insight beyond an exam score. Our writing component reveals candidates cognitive abilities and personality traits, facilitating faster eligibility determination.

  • Streamline & automate: Manage the entire recruitment process efficiently with centralized automation and customization options.Fair and transparent: Guarantee a level playing field for all qualified candidates.

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  • 45% of clients join our Premium Membership, unlocking accelerated staffing: Leverage the power of "Badge Requests" to recruit and connect with candidates matching your desired hiring criteria.

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  • Fill positions in as soon as 6 weeks: Experience the speed and efficiency of our innovative platform.

  • Thriving and constantly growing: getbadged connects you with a continuously replenished pool of pre-vetted, talented candidates ready to serve their communities.

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getbadged: Pioneering the Future of Recruitment!

Unlock success through trusted support and next-gen strategies.

  • Trusted partner & proven track record: Leveraging 23 years of expertise connecting aspiring police officers with the departments.

  • We listen; what you tell us matters: Based on real-world feedback from departments & candidates, we’ve crafted a 21st-century solution.

  • Elevated experience: Exceptional hands-on customer service, options tailored to your agency's needs & continual product enhancement.

  • Next-gen recruitment: Leverage the power of our interactive never-before-done platform to engage younger demographics & attract more qualified candidates.

  • Recruit smarter, not harder - Next-gen recruitment: Ditching outdated recruitment methods we’ve introduced an interactive way to maximize the number of ways you can hire.

  • Woman-owned, championing diversity: As a woman-owned business, we believe diversity strengthens. We advocate for an inclusive environment where everyone can be empowered to succeed.

At getbadged, we're passionate about transforming police recruitment. We understand the challenges agencies face attracting candidates, and our solution addresses them head-on. Contact us today for a demo and see the getbadged difference!