About Us

Police Exam Solutions, LLC (PES), an industry leader in police recruitment and entry exam services. Throughout the last 15 years, PES has contracted with the largest non-Civil Service police departments in Massachusetts to manage and facilitate their entry exam process. Having over 23 years of law enforcement experience, PES has a stellar reputation for professionalism and integrity, and is highly regarded for attracting the highest caliber, qualified, diverse pool of candidates for hire. 

We pride ourselves on the relationships we foster with candidates seeking a career in law enforcement. We are equally dedicated to assisting our agencies to recruit, assess, and ultimately select the best applicants for their department. Through our entry level exam, specifically tailored for a job in law enforcement, we assess candidates based on their non-cognitive traits: integrity, honesty, empathy, positive outlook, socialization, anti-social behavior, and orderliness, as well as the cognitive traits to determine a candidate possesses the basic fundamentals necessary to be a police officer. Cognitive functions include written expression and comprehension, information gathering, problem sensitivity, and reasoning.

As recruitment for officers becomes increasingly challenging, PES creating a recruitment platform that offers a fair and transparent, clearly defined process for the hiring of new officers. Through our custom developed, progressive, innovative 21st century, getbadged aims to change the traditional recruitment methods that are no longer yielding the number of applicants available for hire. PES/getbadged offers multiple entry exams every month so candidates don't have to wait for an annual or biannual exams, and receives score results quickly so candidates can take a faster approach to getting hired. 

Our passion and commitment for a streamlined, unified process used to screen and assess candidates has driven us to 'think outside the box' by providing more options to hiring and/or getting hired, and afford greater autonomy and independence in the process through getbadged. We strongly encourage candidates looking for policing positions, as well as hiring agencies, to join us in pioneering the way toward a better, more effective method for recruiting and hiring.

Police Exam Solutions has worked to fill vacancies in agencies across Massachusetts by providing recruitment solutions and entry exam assessments to some of the largest non-Civil Service departments in the state. Some of the departments who've contracted with us throughout the past include:

  • Framingham PD
  • Burlington PD
  • Lexington PD
  • Marlborough PD
  • Sharon PD
  • Swampscott PD
  • Rochester PD
  • Somerset PD
  • Wenham PD
  • Berklee College of Music PD
  • Boston Housing Authority PD
  • Millis PD
  • Tyngsborough PD
  • Milford PD
  • Foxborough PD
  • Reading PD
  • North Reading PD
  • Walpole PD
  • Wayland PD