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getbadged for Candidates:

Step 1: Create your getbadged Candidate Account. It's completely FREE, and takes just FIVE MINUTES

Step 2: Complete your Candidate Profile & Written Essay Component. Our written component provides you the opportunity to showcase your characteristic traits, beyond an exam score. This is your time to shine and stand out!

Step 3: Upload your supporting documents. Remember, a comprehensive application package showcases your interest, attention to detail, and commitment to the hiring process. At minimum, you are required to include your resume. For POST Certified Officers or Lateral Transfers, you must upload your POST Certification as well.

Step 4: Select your membership. If opting for our comprehensive and opportunity-rich getbadged Premium Gold or Silver plan, proceed to register for your exam. 

Unlock savings and efficiency with getbadged! Say goodbye to redundant entry exams and expensive fees when you test with us. Meet all hiring department's exam requirements with just one test, valid for 12 months! getbadged offers maximum efficiency by conveniently hosting 2-4 exams each month. Exams are offered either in-person or online.

Congratulations. You passed your exam! You're set to apply to jobs with your getbadged application package, which includes your exam score, skills, certifications, and qualifications. Track your application status on your Candidate Dashboard as departments review your profile.

You're in Control! With getbadged, you have the ability to custom-tailor your membership to suit your specific career goals.  

Stay Tuned: New Membership Options & Products Will be Announced Soon!

Two Ways to Get Hired!

getbadged provides you the maximum opportunities to get hired! Passing the entry exam and meeting minimum requirements qualifies you as a pre-vetted, Eligible Candidate for Hire in our database. This means you're eligible to apply to department job opportunities and receive badge requests from Premium Department Members, signaling their interest in hiring you.

How do Badge Requests work? Premium Departments can access our pool of vetted candidates. They review candidate credentials without seeing personal information like contact details or age, gender and ethnicity, until a badge request is accepted.

  • When a candidate's qualifications align with their hiring criteria, the department sends a Badge Request.

  • Badged candidates will be notified via email and on their dashboard. Getting badged signals the department's interest in pursuing you for their job(s).

  • Interested candidates can "Accept" the request, granting permission to share their application, all managed through their Dashboard.

  • Upon acceptance, the department is notified and gains access to the candidate's application and supporting documents for further consideration.

  • With getbadged's unique, innovative Badge Request technology, you can pursue job opportunities of interest to you, and departments can pursue you for their available positions. 

Leading the Revolution: Transforming Police Recruitment and Hiring Success! For over two decades, we've mastered the art of empowering aspiring police officers. Our cutting-edge, never before done platform delivers a seamless, transparent journey, and offers you the ability to custom-tailor your job search and career goals by putting you in control every step of the way. Join the revolution in law enforcement hiring today!

Step 1: Create my getbadged Candidate account

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