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Why getbadged?, brought to you by Police Exam Solutions (PES), a trusted leader in recruitment and entry exam services for non-Civil Service agencies, pre-screens applicants to save you time and resources. We understand the challenges of recruiting new officers, and our platform is designed to make the process easier for your department, while maximizing the number of applicants looking to join your force. We understand your department's resources are valuable and recruitment efforts can be very time consuming. getbadged aims to alleviate the pressures and administrative hassles required to recruit new officers from your staff. offers your department the maximum opportunities you need to attract qualified candidates. 

Our custom-developed, cutting-edge, platform, offering an innovative 21st-century approach to police officer hiring. With over 23 years of industry experience, we've designed getbadged to address the challenges faced by non-CS agencies in finding eligible candidates. Our platform streamlines recruitment, providing a fair and transparent selection process, centralized automation, and customization options tailored to your agency's needs.

Tried & True:
  • A remarkable 45% of our clients have chosen to become Premium Department Members, unlocking the power of Badge Requests and experiencing accelerated staffing for their departments, all made possible through getbadged.

  • On average, our Premium members experience (9) times the number of applicants as a result of our unique, never-before-done Badge Request feature. As a result, our departments find their ideal hires and fill posted job opportunities in less than six (6) weeks, showcasing the incredible efficiency of our new platform.

  • We have a thriving and continually growing community of over 1,200+ candidates who have chosen getbadged as their trusted platform to discover their next exciting career opportunity!

We invite you to learn more about how can help your department recruit the best candidates and enhance your recruitment efforts. Contact us today to schedule a demo and discuss the benefits of our interactive, innovative approach to recruitment that is quickly and successfully changing the landscaping of how hiring or getting hired is done and done successfully. 

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getbadged - Join the Revolution!

getbadged: Our One-Stop Solution for Connecting Aspiring Cops & Departments

For Candidates:

  • One application package, one time: Build a strong application package, only once. 
  • Smart job search: Tailor your search to align with your career goals for greater independence and control over your future.
  • Effortless applications: Apply to desired department jobs with a single click. Automated, seamless, and efficient.
  • One exam, one fee: Ditch the expensive, limited-reach exams. 1 membership, 1 exam, 12 months of opportunity.
  • Get noticed, get-badged: Be actively pursued by agencies seeking your skills and qualifications through our unique "badging" feature.

For Agencies:

  • Centralized dashboard: Post jobs, access a pre-vetted talent pool, and manage applications and records electronically.
  • Streamline your hiring process: Utilize our thorough and comprehensive assessments to gain deep insights into candidates' cognitive abilities, non-cognitive skills, and written communication, allowing you to make informed hiring decisions faster.
  • Targeted searches: Build you team faster by finding the perfect fit with our advanced filtering tools.
  • Tailored membership: Customize your recruitment strategy to suit your individual hiring needs, timeline, and budget.
  • Target top talent: Proactively recruit qualified candidates through badging.
  • Vetting made easy: Validate your selection process anytime anywhere with online access.

Join the getbadged movement. Together, we're redefining recruitment!

Getting Badged: Badge Requests

Get Noticed with getbadged 'Badging'

Our exclusive 'Badging' feature for Premium Department Members revolutionizes recruitment:

  • Departments find you: Premium departments gain instant access to our diverse pool of pre-vetted candidates to search for ideal candidates based on location, skills, certifications, and more.
  • Targeted outreach: Candidates receive 'badge requests' directly from interested departments.
  • Effortless applications: Accepted requests instantly deliver candidates' complete application package to the department for consideration.
  • Full control: Candidates can choose to accept or decline requests. No candidate information is released to the department unless the request is accepted.

The getbadged Entry Exam

GetBadged Entry Level Exam:

  • Assesses both non-cognitive and cognitive traits.
    • Non-cognitive: Integrity, honesty, work ethic, etc. (cannot be learned, assesses natural behavior)
    • Cognitive: Reasoning, information gathering, communication, problem-solving (assesses basic skills)
  • Scenario-based questions: Gauges how you would respond in real situations.
  • Nationally recognized, locally validated: Minimizes bias against protected groups.

Technical Support

Need technical assistance?

  • Email: Contact our support team at
  • Phone: Call us at (781) 645-6005 for immediate assistance.

Public Safety Agencies We Serve

getbadged serves a wide range of non-Civil Service public safety agencies. We help find qualified candidates for:

  • Dispatch
  • Entry Level
  • Academy Trained
  • POST Certified
  • Lateral Transfer

Our clients include:

  • Municipal Police Departments
  • Campus Police Departments
  • Hospital and other non-Civil Service public safety departments