Department Membership for Departments

Our pre-vetting measures, designed to make your selection process more efficient and valuable include: Department Members receive:
  • The option to list up to four (4) types of jobs, based on the positions your department is looking to fill:
    • Police Dispatcher
    • FT Entry Level
    • FT Academy Trained
    • POST Certified/Lateral Transfer Officer
  • A custom department dashboard to easily & efficiently track your recruitment and hiring process, including job posts, candidate applications, sorting based on desired hiring criteria, and tracking the status of your candidate applications in one, centralized location.
  • Access to our diverse pool of pre-vetted candidates for recruitment, who meet the state's Minimum Requirements for becoming an officer, and have passed the PES/getbadged entry exam for law enforcement.
  • The capability to promptly evaluate the skills, qualifications, certifications, and both academy and policing experience of your applicants based on the information gathered during our thorough, comprehensive intake and application process. Additionally, candidates are required to upload supporting documents to further substantiate their credentials, saving your department time & outreach efforts to gather the necessary documentation.
  • The option to send and track Badge Requests (for Premium Department Members).
  • Ability to send & track your initial email outreach to applicants provided directly through your getbadged dashboard's email center.
  • A tool to demonstrate a fair and transparent recruitment and hiring process, if needed.
Why getbadged?, brought to you by Police Exam Solutions (PES), a trusted leader in recruitment and entry exam services for non-Civil Service agencies, pre-screens applicants to save you time and resources. We understand the challenges of recruiting new officers, and our platform is designed to make the process easier for your department, while maximizing the number of applicants looking to join your force. We understand your department's resources are valuable and recruitment efforts can be very time consuming. getbadged aims to alleviate the pressures and administrative hassles required to recruit new officers from your staff. offers your department the maximum opportunities you need to attract qualified candidates. 

With over 23 years of experience working with many of the largest non-Civil Service police departments, we've developed with features and functionality that align with agency needs, providing greater independence and autonomy in your hiring efforts.

We are pleased to offer three (3) levels of department memberships, specially designed to meet your department's needs and timeline for hiring. 
  • Basic Membership: Introductory six (8) week, no-cost membership with the option to renew.
  • Extended Basic Membership, Contact us for pricing.
  • Premium Membership & Premium Unlimited Membership: Contact us for pricing.
Tried & True:
  • A remarkable 40% of our clients have chosen to become Premium Department Members, unlocking the power of Badge Requests and experiencing accelerated staffing for their departments, all made possible through getbadged.
  • On average, our Premium members experience on average (9) times the number of applicants as a result of our unique, never-before-done Badge Request feature. As a result, our departments find their ideal hires and fill posted job opportunities in less than six (6) weeks, showcasing the incredible efficiency of our new platform.
  • We have a thriving and continually growing community of over 400+ candidates who have chosen getbadged as their trusted platform to discover their next exciting career opportunity!

We invite you to learn more about how can help your department recruit the best candidates and enhance your recruitment efforts. Contact us today to discuss the benefits of our interactive, innovative, 21st century approach to recruitment, or to schedule a demo. 

Interested in a Demo or Department Membership?


What is getbadged?

In short, is about making connections. It is a community of professionals looking to hire or get hired for the role of police officer. getbadged is the only platform of its kind. Our custom developed solution is an innovative, 21st century approach designed to centralize all non-Civil Service hiring.

getbadged applicants looking to get hired are provided with the maximum number of opportunities to conduct job searches based on the skills and qualifications of the candidate. getbadged provides the functionality, control, and tools to move them one step closer toward earning their badge when hired as a police officer. getbadged's unique technology allows Premium Candidate Members the ability to be pursued by departments looking to invite candidates to connect, based solely on the skills and qualifications they possess.

getbaded is pleased to serve non-Civil Service agencies including Municipalities PD's, Campus PD's, as well as Hospital and other Public Safety Agencies. Whether your agency is seeking to fill an Entry Level, FT Academy Trained, or POST Certified Officer/Lateral Transfer positions, getbadged has a pool of eligible candidates with varying levels of skills, qualifications, and certifications. When an agency is looking to hire new officers, getbadged offers a centralized hub to post jobs available with their non-Civil Service departments. We provide the tools and functionalities necessary to conduct a streamlined, effective, and successful recruitment effort. 

What does 'getbadged' mean? getbadged has a dual meaning: 

  1. You're an applicant looking to get hired and earn your police badge, and
  2. As a Premium Department Member, your department is is able to conduct a more aggressive recruitment effort by utilizing your 'badging' capabilities. Our Premium Department Members receive the ability to view our complete pool of vetted candidates. See a candidate that possess the skills, qualifications, certifications, and other desired criteria your agency is seeking? Send the candidate a badge request to let them know you're interested in learning more about them. If/when the candidate accepts your badge request, their complete application package is forwarded directly to your department dashboard for further outreach efforts. As a Premium Candidate Member, you are eligible to receive badge requests from Premium Departments.

Who do I call if I'm experiencing technical issues with my account?

If you are experiencing issues with your account, one of the getbadged team members will be happy to assist you. You can contact us by email, or for immediate assistance, call our office at 781.645.6005. 

What does the PES/getbadged entry level exam assess?

The PES Entry Level exam for law enforcement is designed to assess two dimensions: Non-Cognitive traits including integrity, honesty, positive outlook, socialization, anti-social behavior, and diligence/orderliness. The Cognitive traits assessed include deductive reasoning, information gathering, written comprehension, written expression, problem sensitivity, and inductive reasoning. 

The Non-Cognitive section consists of scenario-based questions and are designed to learn more about candidates and how they would respond to certain situations. The answers to these questions and traits are not things someone can learn from a textbook. They are behavioral traits that are ingrained in us.  The Cognitive section is designed to assess a candidates ability to perform the basic fundamentals necessary to be a police officer.

Our exam series has been locally validated, and is designed to produce the least amount of adverse impact to the protected classes. 

Types of Public Safety Agencies we serve is designed to attract applicants with a broad spectrum of experience and qualifications, seeking positions in a variety of law enforcement agencies. To provide our candidates with the greatest number of hiring opportunities, we are pleased to offer a getbadged membership to any non-Civil Service agency looking to hire, including Municipal PD's, Campus PD's, Hospital and other non-Civil Service public safety departments. 

What are Badge Requests?

'Badging' capabilities are available to our Candidate and Department Premium Membership. A badge request is an innovative and interactive approach to an aggressive recruitment effort. The first of its kind, getbagded allows Premium Member departments the ability to search our entire list of eligible applicants, based solely on the town/city of residency, skills, qualifications, certifications, and vet status, of the candidates. When a department chooses to pursue a candidate for the purpose of potential employment, the hiring agency can send the candidate a 'badge request.' When a candidate receives a badge request, they can review the job post to make a determination on whether they are interested in the position. If the candidate accepts the badge request, a match is made and their application package with their complete profile, contact info, and any uploaded documents will be forwarded directly to the badging department for additional outreach. Candidates who receive badge requests have the option to accept or decline. Should a candidate decline the badge request, the department is notified and no additional is required.